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Dr. Nipa Mehta
( M.A., M.Ed., Ph.D. in Education )

Being an educator, to enhance student’s personality is the most rewarding and challenging task. Perfect development of child is on the base of their talent, dispositions, strengths, weakness and ability. As a strong pillar of nation we must know child’s nature of learning as well as teacher’s method of teaching our Academy becomes a platform where the parents and teachers, with their continuous joint effort and reinforced commitment enable child to achieve that global views that can help them to be a higher level citizen of India. Now the time will be for new strategies and ideas our letpur Academy gives commitment to the society for child’s brilliance future.

“We learn by doing things, thinking and exploring”
“Children need to take responsibility of their own learning”
“Physical and emotional health of children is critical for effective learning”
“21st century world is increasingly digitized and connected”