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           Staff Requirement

           Overall we are looking for the non-Gujarati staff for our School and we are in need of specific subject teacher like Hindi, English, Mathematics, Science. Apart from this we want the quality teachers who could bring up the change in the education system they should have required qualification as well, we want a minimum period of 3 years commitment from them to stick to our institute and should possess a good character too.

Salary and Facility

        What they deserve it we are ready to pay it there is no point in bargain with the salary stuff what we want is quality monetary is the secondary thing for us. At the same time we will provide all the necessary help for them to get settled down in the area where they are would like to reside.

Sr.No. Detail Post Minimum Qualification Note
1. Principal 1 M.A./M.Sc./M.Com., B.Ed. Have Experience of Cambridge OR IB School as a Principal/Vice-Principal/HOD
2 Teacher(LKG, HKG) 4 PTC / D.Ed.
3 Teacher (Std. 1st to 5th) 8 PTC / B.A./B.Sc., B.Ed.
4 Subject Teacher (Std. 6th to 10th) 8 M.A./B.Sc., B.Ed. English, Maths, Science, Geography, Hindi, Sanskrit
5 Subject Teacher (Std. 11th Commerce) 3 M.Com./M.A., B.Ed. Account, Economic
6 Drawing Teacher 1
7 PTI 2

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